Every Body can be a ‘Bikini Body:” Don’t let the body shamers win this summer

Not everyone has to feel comfortable in a bikini. However, if showing skin on the beach makes you feel good – you have the right to do it! The diet industry ramps up their marketing as the weather gets warm. In this week’s newsletter we remind you to listen to yourself first!

It’s About More than Washboard Abs: The all around benefits of core engagement

In this week’s newsletter we reframe our ideas about core fitness. How has our fitness industry shaped your relationship with your core?

Maybe Working Out isn’t What You Need Right Now: Exercise isn’t always the first step to getting fit

People often jump into working out as a solution to their mental and physical health problems. Although everyone needs physical activity, a workout routine is usually only one small piece of a healthy lifestyle.

Taking it One Step at a Time: Building new habits for personal growth

Have you ever had a goal you didn’t reach? When working towards a goal we often put pressure on ourselves to achieve too much too soon. Successful goal setting often comes with “chunking” the work into smaller goals, and taking it one step at a time.